MyDiskarte.com is a free Online shop website - where sellers and buyers connect from different places to make, sell and buy goods. It is a simple e-commerce platform that allows Filipino merchants to create their online shop and advertise their products and services.

This is not your usual classified ads site. MyDiskarte.com also give importance to sellers by functioning as a mini site. If you think putting up your own website is expensive, then this is a perfect alternative for you!

Unlike other social networks with full social feeds or classified ads with various listings, MyDiskarte.com allows online sellers to quickly establish their visibility all in 1 page. So that everything will be in front of targeted buyers at once. This makes it easier for them to showcase all sales. Sellers are also allowed to post up to 100 products.

Use MyDiskarte.com to design your online shop.
MyDiskarte.com is ideal for businesses of all sizes to promote products online. Its sellers range from hobbyists to professional business owners, and have a wide range of personal and professional objectives to succeed. MyDiskarte.com allows these merchants to efficiently organize their products and share their business profile to friends, families and even classified ad directories.

• Creating your page is easy as it is both powerful and easy to learn.
• You have complete control over your business page. No HTML or CSS skills required. Set up your page today!

Why Choose MyDiskarte.com?
• You can set up your online business fast
• Your profile page will have a brief description about your business, services, products, gallery, and contact details everything in 1 simple page
• Bogus sellers will be automatically banned if proven guilty.
• All pages are strictly monitored
• Registration is free!

The mission of MyDiskarte.com is to rethink e-commerce in ways that build a more engaging place for sellers to connect with buyers. Majority of the existing sellers are friends of the web site’s owner. You can assure that these sellers are ‘verified’. MyDiskarte.com believes that trust is important to any business, whether offline or online. If you think that there is suspicious activity, abuse or scam taking place in the web site, report the incident directly.

Please contact us support@mydiskarte.com if you have comments and suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

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